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The Tories have long argued for a cap on non-EU immigration, while the Liberal Democrats have suggested the more unpopular amnesty. This was considered one of the factors for why the Lib Dems fared so poorly in the elections, despite their leader Nick Clegg’s favourable ratings during the run-up to voting.


What does this mean for those wishing to come to the UK?

Well, immigration solicitors birmingham just had a major overhaul with the points system. This is like a jelly in a mould, trying to set. The Points System (as it suggests) awards points for various attributes, with a specified level of English being one of the mandatory requirements. A certain amount of funds, adequate accommodation (i.e. one that isn’t going to be made overcrowded by the addition of another person), qualifications and ability to earn or learn are also part of the standard criteria for a successful visa application.

Will there be any more changes?

It’s likely. The previous administration had already introduced a number of stringent anti-immigration measures. In March 2010 for example, Labour restricted the number of working hours for students studying below degree level from 20 to 10. Dependants of such students e.g. partners, spouses or children can no longer work in the UK. Approved sponsors (those who have a licence from the UK Border Agency to enrol overseas students) are under contract to report any students who skip classes without good reason.

Can it get anymore difficult?

Well yes it can, with quotas being introduced for certain groups of nationals with high rates of overstaying and illegal entry into the UK. Consequently, some individuals may undergo more restrictions than others, if they come from a country whose nationals tend to breach the UK immigration rules.


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