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Good quality Alpaca Scarves

The dry felting strategy permits you to make 3D ventures. You can utilize alpaca wool to make creatures, dolls, blossoms, and so forth. You can “paint” with the fiber on level bits of felt to make inside decorations by utilizing shades of shading simply like you would on a canvas.

Good quality Alpaca Scarves

Whatever you can sew or sew with alpaca yarn can be felted in the clothes washer. Satchels, scarfs, and caps all make incredible undertakings.

You can felt alpaca fiber for no particular reason or you can sell your activities. eBay is an incredible spot to begin selling your high quality things. Check locally for a little shop that might be keen on conveying your things. Hotshot your work to individuals. Informal exchange will spread on the off chance that you make quality, extraordinary things. Before long, a neighborhood following of purchasers will noise for your manifestations.


The best thing about utilizing alpaca for felting is that you will make a breathtakingly delicate, warm, lightweight, strong item. In the event that you use alpaca downy rather than sheeps’ wool, you will have less “prickle factor”. The vast majority that can’t wear sheeps’ wool, can wear alpaca.

Attempt each of the three strategies for felting alpaca fiber to discover which one best suits your gifts and wants. Felting is fun, economical, and you can truly release.

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