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Halo Reach Daily – Gaming

A new day and a new set of Halo Reach daily challenges to complete. Could you ask for anything more? Today’s set of challenges are quite the easy group to obtain. As always be sure to get in the extra points by getting headshots, sprees and multikills.


Today’s Daily Challenges include:

Light Fare:

Kill 100 enemies in any game mode to get a modest 1,000 credits. This is one is pretty straightforward. Just jump into game after game and rack up kills and you’ll easily get this one by the end of the day.

Helping Hand:

Earn 10 assists today in multiplayer matchmaking to grab 1000 credits. Yet another easy to accomplish challenge. The easiest way to do this is to get in team games (especially Team Swat) and follow your teammates around and simply pop one or two body shots into any enemy they go after to get the assists.

Twin Trips:

Earn 2 triple kills in the same match in multiplayer matchmaking for a lovely 2,000 credits. Some people find this a bit more difficult than others but its usually pretty easy in gametypes like Swat. Just aim for the heads and try to be in a higher ground position that gives you a good lookout view of the map and pick off enemies quickly with precise head shots.


The Deam Shake:

Earn 4 double kills in the same match in multiplayer matchmaking. This one I’d pretty much suggest the same strategy as what I mentioned for getting the Twin Trips challenge. Go into swat and pop those heads quick and you should be able to get this one.

Check it out!

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