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In the past two years, data consumption in the Netherlands has increased by 180 percent, why is that exactly?

In 2017, the average Dutchman only used 1 GB of data per month. Last quarter, the average monthly consumption was 2.8 GB. This growth coincides with the increase in the supply of sim only subscriptions, including a lot of data with their sim only abonnementen.

Research carried out by Telecompaper’s Consumer Insights Panel (CIP) shows that the Dutch use much more data. The average monthly data consumption increased to 2.8 GB per subscriber in Q1 of this year. According to the researchers, the data bundles that providers offer have also increased considerably in recent years. The supply of Unlimited subscriptions in particular has increased the increase in data traffic. In addition, premium providers such as Vodafone and KPN offer twice as much data if you also purchase fixed services from these providers.

180% increase in mobile data consumption

In the last two years, the data consumption of the Dutch has grown considerably. At the beginning of 2017, the average Dutchman used 1 GB of data. Last quarter they used an average of 2.8 GB of data per month. According to the CIP this increase can be explained by the increase in data quantity of sim only subscriptions offered by providers. Both Tele2 and T-Mobile offer unlimited data subscriptions. In addition, KPN and Vodafone doubled your data quantity if you also purchase fixed services from these providers.

Researchers note that budget sim only providers are also following this trend. Several low-cost providers have expanded their maximum data quantity. The maximum bundle at Simpel is already 6 GB and at Simyo the maximum bundle has risen to 8 GB.

Streaming apps like Spotify on your smartphone

Another major driver of data use are popular streaming apps such as Spotify and Netflix. Because many people nowadays listen to their music online via these service providers, they consume more data. Thanks to the large bundles, it is now also cheaper to watch Netflix via your smartphone. These data-intensive apps increase consumption considerably. A report by Telecompaper even shows that 35 percent of Dutch smartphones have Spotify. In addition, it appears that Netflix is installed on 38 percent of Dutch phones.

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