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NFL Playoffs, HOF Shut Out – Sports

A few topics today. A quick recap of the BCS Title Game, and an interesting find regarding one of the BCS computers that is further proof the system is flawed. We’ll touch on the HOF shutout, RG III’s injury, and this weekend’s football match ups.



As most of the world knows by now, Alabama absolutely stomped Notre Dame in last Monday’s BCS Championship game. It’s Bama’s second title in a row, and third in four years. It was a complete domination from the opening kick. A couple days later I found this nugget of an article on with parents constant concern.

If you don’t want to read it, I will break it down. It basically says that one of the six computers the BCS uses to compile it’s rankings STILL has ND ranked #1 over Alabama!!!! These are the SAME computers that are used to compile the standings during the year and help determine who will play in the BCS Bowls, including the title game. How ridiculous is that!!?!?! It’s complete circular unlogic!! ND and Bama each only have one loss. Bama lost to a 2-loss Texas A & M team, and ND lost to Bama. Bama is CLEARLY the best team, so by virtue of ND’s only loss coming against the clear top team, they must be #1. Makes perfect sense??!?!?! I’m sure SOS and other factors play into it as well, and the article does state that margin of victory does not factor in. Blah blah blah. Further proof that the current system is so jacked up beyond repair. We’ll see how next year goes with the new 4 team playoff. I can’t imagine it will be any worse!!! In hindsight, a Bama vs. Oregon National Title Game would have been sweet. Not sure if Oregon had the D to stop Bama, but they would have surely put up a better fight. Oh well…..

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